Kirloskar Group

"More than 100 years old, Kirloskar Group is known for its commitment to innovation, quality and technical advancement."

We are a 1.20 billion US Dollars engineering conglomerate driving critical industries. Our multi-unit, multi-product, multi-location conglomerate is built on the plinths of Experience, Expertise, Quality, Innovation and Values in the business. Our best play is successful work and creation of a new industrial order where we can provide tailor made solutions to the customers.

Kirloskar products are widely marketed both in domestic and overseas market. In the country and abroad, more than 2000 distribution and over 1500 service centers are existing.

There is no sector that is not served by Kirloskar Company. Defense Automobiles, Power, Aviation, Steel, Sugar, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Textiles, Marine, Construction, Electronics, Environmental Control, Medical & Health each of them in some ways are linked to Kirloskar Group.

At Kirloskar, listening to the customer and his needs is a tradition as old as the group itself. For it is they who drive us further, make us reach higher, and engineer better solutions. In the customer's often unspoken wish for better implements lies the seed for a new invention, a path-breaking industrial concept.

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India's first Iron Plough manufactured by Kirloskar's over 100 years ago.